It seems my life is always pointing me in some new direction. I tend to follow my heart and try to embrace and recognize new opportunities when they present themselves. Life has certainly provided me with obstacles along the way. My life changed forever when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1987.

I used to say that I’ve worked very hard to never let my MS define me. How ironic is that? I realize now that that’s exactly what it’s done. It DOES define me – not by the negative aspects of the disease – but by the  positive way I tackle life. You don’t need to know that I have MS to recognize that I am very compassionate and have an extraordinary amount of personal drive. It would seem that MS has actually made me a better person.

My 12-year-old son is on the autism spectrum, my daughter has been struggling with ADHD since first grade and my oldest son became insulin dependent at age eight. Because of my experience with MS, I am better equipped than most to endure  these challenges and guide my children over their latest hurdles. In turn, they have become amazing people in and of themselves.

About 6 years ago, I decided to try exercising again. I wanted to see if my body would cooperate. I could barely walk a mile when I started, but have since run 7 half marathons. I am not a star, but find that I am a positive role model, especially when I influence others to be healthier in some small way.

Until now, only my closest friends and long-time associates are aware of my health challenges. I was afraid that learning about my disease might make my business associates and clients apprehensive. I am writing this blog to share with you what's  possible with MS, how I'm dealing with it on a daily basis and what I've learned from my MS peers 

I had the great opportunity to participate in the Leap of Fairth MS/PD expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro in July 2011. I got me out there sharing the story of what's possible with MS. I am motivated to raise awareness for the disease and learn more from my MS peers everyday. MS has made me stronger in ways I cannot comprehend. 


CLIMB (July 10 - 24, 2011)

I believe we are Team 2


Limited edition prints signed by Susie Weber are still available.


MUSIC check out the song



Here it goes (in no particular order)

Climb Mt. Kilamanjaro

Half Marathon on the Great Wall of China

Complete a Triathalon

Draw every day in a sketchbook. Just for me, not for anyone else.

Spend more time with my kids 

Help my parents

Garden (not just in spring, but all summer long)

Submit a short story to a magazine

Take voice lessons (I am sure some of you are amused by this)

Practice Spanish with Josh

Run a full marathon

Travel more

Cook new recipes

Advocate, Advocate, Advocate (for those who cannot and for causes that I believe in)

World peace

Collaborate with Sher on the books we have been discussing

Match all the socks in the basket

See more of the USA

Shoot a pistol

Go fly fishing

Trail run in the Italian Alps

Do Service Work





Today I am hoping to replace my Yaktrax. After 3 years they finally snapped. If you're not familiar, they just strap on your running shoes like rubberbands but make winter running enjoyable. Theses little bands keep me from slipping and you can actually run on ice with confidence. Maybe it's because I'm from Wisconsin, but I love running in the snow! 



The insanity of the holiday season and year-end client deadlines persist. I am overloaded and reminded of something my friend's Mom said to me… “Susie, it's like eating an elephant. You have to do it one piece at a time”.  She's right you know.



Just found out who I've been partnered with for the climb. Hooray! We will hopefully have a chance to touch base sometime today.



In the middle of yesterday's post my internet connection failed. The outage affect my house until this a.m. 

So here's what was on my mind. Our sweet, yellow lab decided  to leave piles (I know you know what I mean) all over the living room rug. The only positive spin on that was that it woke me up and I made it on time to Boot Camp.

It was one of those days where if it could go wrong it did…work, life, everywhere. Oh well, I persisted and will spend today trying to catch up. 

My day ended with my first injection of Avonex. I am hoping it's the right treatment and I get used to the side effects quickly. For me the injection wasn't a big deal. Watching my oldest son live with 4-6 insulin injections per day make on injection per week seem insignificant. I can attest to the fact that the flu-like symptom were pretty intense for me last night. I feel much better this morning but exhausted. I am hoping for a power-nap – we will see. 

I think of my friends that have undergone chemo and realize what tough people they truly are. Again, it makes me realize how doable this treatment really is. 




Lord knows I try to achieve it (balance) everyday. But I seem to have teetered a bit to one side this week. 

Finding that work/life balance is tough yet I crave it. I think when they talk about this balance they don't talk about what it takes to get there. I was up at the crack of dawn getting a jump on my workload. I started my day by working through my 6:00am appointment with myself and it was too late to log those 5 miles. (Dang! I was behind before the day even started). Last week I told my little guy he should have a few friends over for a little Christmas party after school. But my hectic lifestyle took over and I found myself trying to figure out a way to provide homemade Christmas cookies and little fun before my 2:00 conference call. 

The Cake-n-Bake saved me. Ready to go cut-out cookies. Trees, bells, stars, snowmen…it was awesome. I loaded up on dough and frosting and got home in time for the call. I picked up Josh and is friends and popped tray after tray in the oven. They seemed delighted to frost and sprinkle. The alien snowmen (green frosting) WERE my favorites. 

I share this story because there was time in my life when making my cookies from scratch would have been the ONLY option. But this option provided the fun without the hassle. I got my work done and still managed to provide a good experience for my son. We'll save baking those family favorites for next week when my oldest is home from college and school is out for the holidays. 

I will need to log extra miles today to compensate for the cookies and my workaholic tendencies. Still life is good. 



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